ELNO Product Pricing
Starter Kit:

Start with a Gateway and two wireless temperature sensors.
Plus 6 months monitoring for only $169.00
ELNO Starter Gateway Kit

Available Sensors
Temperature Sensor    $40
Water Temperature Sensor    $40
Wireless Humidity Sensor    $50
Wireless Open-Closed    $45
AC Present Sensor    $50
AC Voltage Level    $45

Additional Items
Additional Gateways   $99
Per year warranty for each Gateway.*   $30
Per year warranty for each Sensor.*   $5

*First year included with purchase.

Monitoring prices start at only $10 per month.
Add two more Sensors, (total of 4) the monitoring is only $15 per month.
To go up to 6 Sensors, it is just $20 per month.

With 7 to 12 sensors the monthly monitoring fee is $24.99 per month.
After 12 sensors, it is only 1 per month for each additional sensor.

Billing based on a single organization account.
An organization account can have multiple users to monitor and manage sensors.

Data Retention
We store your data for 45 days, for each sensor with a reporting rate of one sample per minute.
After 45 days we keep an hourly average of each sensor for an additional 45 days.
Contact support for longer retention needs.


sales @ elno.io