Elno Product Pricing
Product List:

Contact Sales and Support for Pricing and options.
We have sensors and Gateways we also support using your own sensor and sending values to us to store,
monitor, alert and present on our Monitoring Page.

Data Retention

Data storage is based on each sensor with a reporting rate of one sample per minute.

For our full service customers we store your data for 45 days. After 45 days we keep an hourly average of each sensor for an additional 45 days. Plus up to 200 text messages per day per customer.

For our free service customers we store your data for 5 sensors for 5 days and provide 2 text messaging alerts per day.

We have price options for more days, more alerts or combinations, contact us for pricing to meet your needs.

Contact Us

Email: sales @ elno.io
Phone: 877-400-7788
Monday-Friday 8am - 8pm CT
Saturday 9am-2pm CT