Elno Services Pricing
Contact Sales and Support for Pricing and options.
We have sensors and Gateways we also support using your own sensor and sending values to us to store,
monitor, alert and present on our Monitoring Page.

Support Pricing
Features Personal Basic
Free $60 per Year
$110 per Year
$25 /month
( or $240 annually)
Contact Us.
Data Retension 5 Days 30 Days 45 Days 90 Days Unlimited
SMS Messages * 10 SMS Messages /day 20 SMS Message /day 50 SMS Message /day Unlimited
Forum Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Support

Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support

Yes Yes
Number of Sensors Up to 3 Sensors Up to 5 Sensors Up to 10 sensors Up to 20 Sensors Unlimited
*    2 free SMS per day with purchase of Sensors   

Data Retention
Techincal Aspect    Data storage based on maximum of 1 data sample per minute per sensor 1440 samples / day / sensor   

Abuse Policy
Organizations limited to max of 1 user for every sensor they purchase. Emails are limited to 10 per day for each sensor. We reserve the right to freeze or terminate Free accounts for any reason of suspected abuse1.

Contact Us

Email: sales @ elno.io
Phone: 877-400-7788
Monday-Friday 8am - 8pm CT
Saturday 9am-2pm CT