Services and Compatibilities.

Elno is not limited by what sensors we provide. The Elno structure allows the Gateway to connect to existing temperature monitoring systems which provide a remote application interface, such as WebRelay devices built and sold by using their XML data exchange interface.
The Elno interface supports the PriateEyePi data exchange protocol and their Internet devices,
Elno is not limited to just monitoring temperatures, there are sensors for humidity, opening and closing doors on appliances, room doors, or building doors and windows just for starters.

Features that make the Elno Gateway more that a simple temperature monitor:
  • It stores the temperature readings until they are uploaded to the cloud. This allows for the unexpected Internet interruption to not result in a loss of data. When the Internet connection is restored, all the stored data is then uploaded to the cloud server.
  • It is mobile. Because it stores the samples until it has an Internet connection, you could attach a battery pack and send it on a road trip to record temperature of the transportation trucks and storage units. After it returns and uploads its data, you can view the daily plots to see what happened.
Cloud Services Features
  • Tools in the cloud let you monitor sensors on a near real time screen with options to plot the temperatures for any one sensor over the last 12 hours to 30 days or more.
  • Elno real services provide continuous monitor of the sensors to be sure they meet your critical settings. It will send alerts via Email or SMS when a sensor exceeds its limits.
  • There is an optional daily status report to let you review the last 12 or 24 hours so you know it is working and meeting your compliance needs.