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We have sensors and Gateways we also support using your own sensor and sending values to us to store,
monitor, alert and present on our Monitoring Page.


The Elno Gateway that collects data from local RF sensors and sends that data to the Elno Web site when it has a good Internet Connection.
The Elno Gateway  is $90 with two year warrenty and  one year full support for up to 10 sensors.

We have two lines of RF Sensors for Temperature, Humidity, Door and general dry contact needs.

The  Enterprise Model provides metric data on signal strenght and battery life.  This helps in installations
walls and other obstacles could limit or block the signals.

The Enterprise Line also has Power present or absent detection.

The ElnoDuo, a  USB powered, WiFi enabled device that is both a  gateway and at  least one internal sensor.
There are two models of the ElnoDuo one provides both temperature and humidity information.
The second mode  is temperature only but it can support  up to  4  external  temperature sensors.

The ElnoDuos'  are $35, extra Temperature Sensors are $10 each.USB Power supplies are extra.

We also support the JemRF protocol for the DIY user.

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