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Elno uses a smart device, the Elno Gateway, to receive and log the data from sensors then using the local WiFi upload that information to the cloud for monitoring and analytics.  The logging process of the Series 10 and 20 Gateways  allows data to be collected even if the local WiFi down. When the WiFi is restored it then uploads all that stored data.

Product lines:

    Elno Gateway Series 10

  1. The Elno Gateway Series 10 works with 900Mhz smart wireless sensors that provide metric data on signal strenght and battery life.  This helps in installations behind walls and other obstacles could limit or block the signals.  There also additional sensors like a AC Power is present or absent detection.

  2. Elno Gateway Model 10 Series

    Elno Gateway Model 10    $115.00
    Door contact

    Elno Gateway Series 20

  3. The Elno Gateway Series 20 uses simpler 450MHz wireless sensors. These sensors are targeted for home and small businesses that want monitoring but are Ok without the extra performance metrics.  A small benifit of not sending extra data every minute is the battery  usually last longer.

  4. Elno Gateway Model 20 Series     

    Gateway Model 20
    Door Contact
    Water Det     $35.00
    Light Det     $30.00



  5. The ElnoDuo is a standalone USB powered Gateway and Sensor combination.  It sends the sensor data directly to the cloud, it does not do a store and forward like the Series 10 and 20 Gateways.  Meaning when it looses WiFi you loose data.
  1. There are two models of the ElnoDuo, one provides both Temperature and Humidity sensor.
  2. The second is Temperature using an internal sensor, but does support  up to  4 wire connected external  temperature sensors. This allows one ElnoDuo to monitor 5 devices.

ElnoDuo Products

ElnoDuo  Temp    $35.00
ElnoDuo   Temp/Hum     $35.00


USB Mini Power Supply for ElnoDuo    $12.00
USB-A cable to USB Mini    $5.00


External Temperature Sensor, 3 foot       $8.00
External Temperature Sensor, 6 foot      $10.00
External Temperature Sensor, 9 foot     $12.00


We also support the JemRF protocol for the DIY user.

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