ELNO Product List.

The Gateway

The Gateway is a simple looking black box with lots of smarts and skills.
  • It connects to the local WiFi
  • It is the path for the data from the sensors to the Monitoring Server.
  • It receives measurements or event changes from the Sensors over a private wireless link.
  • It can store the sensor samples for days in the event of a network outage.

It is where the magic of the system happens, it controls how often a sensor is monitored. 
It locally stores that data with the time to the nearest second it was sampled and keeps that
 information until it has been successfully uploaded to the cloud server. 

This allows drop outs of the local Internet or WiFi to not result in a loss of data.
With an attached battery pack, the Gateway could go on road trips in the back of a refrigerated
supply truck and when it returns home, dump the days readings for review. 

The Sensors

There are a variety of sensors ELNO supports, the most common are the temperature and door contacts. The water temperature sensor has the water proof sensor at the end of a 2 foot extension. This allows for monitoring items like inside a fish tank. 
Sensors are easy to install and relocate as needed, just power on, place inside or near what you want monitored and your are done.

Temperature Sensors

- Work from across the room or inside a nearby refrigerator or freezer. 
- Temperature range -30° F to 140° F
- Reporting accuracy +/- 1.8° F
- Same for both air and water sensors


Other Wireless Sensors

Operating conditions for wireless devices, 
    actual ranges may vary based on actual facility structures.
  • Working temperature range -30° F to 140° F
  • 150 ft open space
  • 80 ft with soft wall
  • 40 ft inside glass door deli
  • 10 to 30 ft inside sealed cooling unit, depending on wall construction.

The Monitoring Service

While the magic is done by the Gateway, the Monitoring Service puts it all together.
On the Monitoring Server you configure the reporting name of your Gateways and Sensors, set the alert contacts and methods, and monitor the near real-time status of all the sensors connected to the Gateway.
One account can own and manage many Gateways and Sensors. 

The monitoring is based on Sensors.
-- Data retention per sensor is 45 days at actual sampled rate, usually 1 per minute.
-- Hourly summaries up to 90 days for long term requirements, contact sales for longer retention options.
-- Operating temperature for Gateway is 40° F to 100° F

Contact Us

Contact us at sales @ elno.io  to help you determine what options will work best for you.